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Erma's Ride Reports 2005

14 reports of rides by Erma riders

Reports of rides (Erma and otherwise) taken this year by the Erma's Diner riders (most recent at top), showing:

  • Date of the ride
  • Miles ridden
  • Route taken (often cryptic)
  • Riders who were there
  • Report of the happenings

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Date Miles Route Riders
2/19/2005 60 Party Pardee loop Coconut, Pal, John B, Ray, Ed
A never-say-no day. The weather reports all week were discouraging, but our night-before and morning-of radar consultations showed no rain nearby, so we went for it. The streets were dry. The sky was full of clouds, but with blue breaks in it too. Most of the blue appeared to be in the south, so we headed that way, especially since our last "tempo" loop was such a great ride, and JB has his first race (on approx the same terrain) in a week. JB and Ray set tempo most of the day. Good thing. It was a headwind going out, and I was just hanging on til I got warmed up. But when we turned back, that was fun to have the tailwind working for us, for example up the dam road to the top of Hogan, we had the wind pushing us up that hill at over 20 mph. It turns out that everyone hates that stretch of highway right outside Valley Springs--but not today, not with a tailwind. I even moved faster (not fast, perhaps) over the big Pardee hill with the tailwind. Ray decided to go for his TT record from above wishing well to BV. We were firing on 12 cylinders, not dropping to 30 mph til the bridge, but then the turn at the bridge put the tailwind right at his back again, so he brought it back up to 30 and would have easily set a new record, but didn't see a branch that had blown into the road. JB saw it, Ray bunny-hopped it at the last second, but the momentum was gone. Fine with me, since I'd come unglued from the peloton and Coco was not in sight. Great pacing by JB over Jackson Valley. On Marlette, it started sprinkling, so we picked up the pace as much as we could into what was then a straight-on headwind. At the parking lot, the sprinkling stopped long enough for us to change, put gear away, and chat a while. As we pulled out, it started raiining for real. Good ride, good fun, and beating the rain. That's a good almost-spring ride. Karen had assembled her own ride with Larry and Mike and Charity. I hope they didn't get caught in the rain. EH
2/13/2005 95 Party Pardee loop and beyond John and Karen, Jim and Penny, Larry and Gayle, Mike and Tanya, Steve H. Steve and Carolle
Today was to be a 100 miler for those training for the Solvang double. My first thought was rain today, and we should have ridden yesterday when it was sunny. So getting ready was tough, as we weren t sure what to wear in this weather. We headed out with four tandems, and five single bikes. Carolle, due too rib injury is on light duty today, and thought it best to ride the tandem to rest? The route chosen for today was the Party Pardee loop; with the Plymouth loop add at the end. John R decided to ride his Colanogo in hopes of keeping the rain away, (It almost worked!) We made our way out past Camanche Blues, this is when the peloton started splitting, Steve H had to return due to family matters. The two tandems (Jim & Penny and Larry & Gayle) headed up and around Lake Pardee; hope you had a great day! As for the rest of us it was on to Burson. We made it to Valley Springs and still no rain. We enjoyed lunch at the Chevron Station. Then off towards Pardee Dam, we enjo!
yed a very fast return to Ione, Mike and Charity headed in at Marlette, and still no rain! Could we get this ride in before the rain hit? The remaining six of us headed up to Plymouth. We were riding up Old Sacramento Rd when John R said, I don t think it s going to rain, we should be just fine . Well, that was the wrong thing to say, it was about five minutes later it started raining! Once in Plymouth we put our jackets back on for the trip home. The ride back to Ione was very fast and wet, as for me I did not want to stop for anything but the car, and get out of the rain. Jim and Penny completed their ride and decided to come out and check on us. Great friends. Thanks Jim and Penny. We were riding in on Five Mile Rd, and I was trying to talk everybody into riding the Buena Vista loop, Karen said I feel great, lets do it unfortunately nobody else saw it the way we did, so we headed in. Another great day, even riding in the rain. Watching these three (Tanya, Karen and Caroll!
e) ride, and seeing how strong their getting, I ca!
n t wait for Solvang, yes I will be in the SAG vehicle. Smc
2/12/2005 71 Aukum via Fiddle/Tyler and return Ray, Denise, Coco, Jill, John (new of Stockton), Tom, Suzanne, Al the Pal, Ed
Sandbagger Special. It seemed everyone was tired, sick, out of shape, busy, or had a damaged bike. They all wanted a short, moderate ride this time. (Very different from last week.) Well the Chrissie Memorial Ride rolled out late after The Pal arrived about 9:15. We were still in the parking lot because Ray and Denise were "right on time" and Tom and Suzanne, who planned to do their own ride, decided to ride with us. We set up to keep it easy by doing the Aukum ride. In Plymouth, a worker at the gourmet store warned us of the barrel tasting. I played the role of Steve H at the discussion and proposed Hale Rd. That met with a mixed reaction. The compromise route was to ride straight to Fiddletown, then over Tyler to Aukum and back the same way. It was longer than anyone had wanted to go, but everyone did fine, including Denise, who set a PR by 20 miles with this 70-miler. John, who had been riding only since Sept and was recommended to Erma by Hambone, rode very strongly on his inaugural Erma ride. Lots of talk about marriage plans since two of the couples have upcoming plans (Tom and Suzanne are still looking for a location). Lots of other jokes, including how Coco super-glued his shorts to his butt. Fun stuff and a good, long ride, made a bit longer by a minor crash by Ray on Tyler (bike is ok, but my logo is hurting on his jersey. Oh, yeah, and the lasting memory is the echoing of Denise's taunt to Al the Pal as she blew by him: "Hop on if you can." EH
2/8/2005 49 S.C.,martell stoney creek,ione ,irish hill,willow creek and return Steve h.,Jim G.,Don s.,john r.,paul m.,jerry w.larry h.,coconut al,Gene,Gail b.
We had a full turnout as the weather good yet for another week. Gail continues to slowly increase her mileage each time and Gene came out to play with us for 34 miles. We did that wonderful warmup going up to Martell but it still did take us awhile to catch up to Gail. Going down stoney creek was it's usual trip as Larry dropped out than even my son (Coconut Al ) ..slowed down so yours truly did the course. From there it was all down hill. Gail returned home as we continued on to Irish Hill. Jerry gave us the full dope on what it's like to live with wild dogs going after him near his house. Willow creeek and home was a hard grind up but mochas were waiting as were Jim's jokes. SWH
2/6/2005 74 miles Mt Sukum loop Jim & Penny, Larry & Gayle, Dave N, John & Karen R, Steve & Carolle Mc, Tanya V, Hux
Another great day of cycling in Amador County, we started out in the fog, but knew it was short lived, as the up country people had come down from the sunshine. The route chosen for the day would be Mt. Aukum, then up and around Fairplay. This would be another training day for Karen, Tanya, and Carolle, our own 2005 Triple Crown trio. Karen is in true forum. Tanya looks to be ready. And Carolle is riding very strong, even though she s still sick. We headed out with two tandems, and six single bikes, the fog was so wet some of us had to stop and remove our glasses; we headed up Irish Hill to find that beautiful sunshine. This is where I tried to test Dave's legs up the first climb on Irish Hill. Well, Dave gives you the illusion that you re winning. I guess I need to train some more. We enjoyed Gayle's company for the first time this year; she was styling some of her new cycling gear, as well as their new tandem. We headed towards Plymouth, enjoying the weather and great conversation with great friends. We were riding down Carbondale when Hux hooked up with us.
Once in Plymouth Jim and Penny, Larry and Gayle decided to ride to the flower farm then head back, Hux would be heading back with them as he rode from home, and would have 100 miles or more.
As the two trainers (self appointed of course) we decided that we would ride to Mt. Aukum, then head back and do the Buena Vista loop, that way we could give the triple crown trio some flat land training, as we rode yesterday and had just over 6000 of climbing, in 74 miles. We enjoyed a great lunch in Mt. Aukum, pulled our arm warmers back on and headed back; I spent the day trying to keep up with Dave N. We made it back to Ione and Dave needed to get something out of his car, we told him we would wait at Five Mile and Marlette. Once there, John and I decided to head towards Dave and the Trio would keep going. We hooked up with Dave on Marlette, this is were the Dave the hammer decided to catch up with the trio, and I did my best to hang on, this is when I noticed a clicking coming from my bike, Dave was pushing so hard he made me break a link in my chain, like I tell Carolle Raw power . We had a great day today, and the best thing, the Trio felt stronger at the end of the ride then they did in the middle. A great sign that there getting ready. Smc
2/5/2005 60 Party Pardee route John B, Ray, Al the Pal, Steve H, Ed
JB is training for racing and requested a steady tempo ride of 60 mi, and the rest of us were up for it. The Pardee loop seemed the right kind of mostly moderate terrain. Dave B was at the start, but had arranged to ride with John and Karen on their own ride. The day was warmer than any of us expected, much better than the weather reports. We increased tempo through short stops at Camanche and Burson and really were rolling from Burson, through New Hogan area, into Valley Springs. We mostly let JB set the pace, which was many times as much as some of the rest of us could handle. JB's Max Testa and race training clearly shows. And his reduced weight showed on the hills too. I got him beat in one way--I have more weight I can lose than he does, so I have more to look forward to. Ray also set some strong pace. After we reached Buena Vista and voted down Steve's suggestion of Lake Amador road (not far enough), we took turns pacing the remaining 10 mi smoothly. The pace was punctuated with just enough catching-up discussion (for example, Michael Kale's hip replacement is going well and the latest on Denise's dad's brain surgery and Ray's wedding and honeymoon plans) and humor. Just the right mixture of warmth, pace, distance, scenery, companionship for a perfect early-season fitness check. EH
1/30/2005 *75,**67 61 for the rest,***40 mt aukum and lawrence *john and karen*,mike arreguin*, dave and tanya** steve h, ,don strahan,steve and carol,jim and penny***
After much discussion it was decided we would do a repeat of yesterdays ride with some variations. We had time for lattes in plymouth bidding goodbye to jim n penny. Somehow going up out of Fiddletown dave and tanya got "lost" and stayed lost for 30 minutes. A little like the lost patrol in the manchurian candidate. Eventually they showed up claiming many "miles" It was a nice ride as usual down through steiner and home but karen john and michael wanted more. The rest of us had enough. Next week more of the same from the bobsy twins who may be enlarged by tanya to the bobsy triplets all planning to do the double in march.swh
1/29/2005 54 SC, Butte, Jackson Gate, SC, Willow, Irish Ray, Ed, Al the Pal; 20: Jill, Mark (of Jackson)
1st report of the new year. Ed said he'd finally update the reports page if I wrote the report so here it is.

After several weekends of rain and fog, as we gathered in the parking lot we were greeted with bright, sunny skies, and the promise of temps in the upper 50's. With the ride reports being "out of service" since October, communication among the Saturday Erma regulars has been somewhat disconnected. Ed, Al the pal, returning rider Mark from Jackson (who started in SC), and myself were off to meet Jill in SC (Coco was out playing paintball, Denise was on her way back from SF, JB was training with his new team, Stacey is recovering from knee surgery, and Jose is waiting for his new Colnago). With all the wet weather in recent weeks, the hills of Sutter-Ione Rd. were covered in a bright green blanket of new grass. As we started up, we discussed the new iPod and the wonders of technology. Construction of the new highway bypass has slowed somewhat during winter, but is still progressing. The days of a quiet, peaceful ride between Ione and SC may be numbered. Hopefully the traffic impact won't be too bad.

We met Jill by the high school and after a short stop at the restroom, Mark had to return home to make pancakes, and the rest of us decided to ride to Jackson and circle around Butte Mtn. About 2/3 of the way up Butte Mtn, Jill broke a spoke that really potato-chipped her wheel. We straightened it enough so she could make it down the hill, but it had a significant "womp" in it. We turned back down the hill and headed straight to the bike shop. Thinking that the repair might take awhile, Ed, Al, and I told Jill we'd be waiting for her at the coffee shop. We had barely got our espressos when Jill came in. Bill had offered her the use of a loaner wheel since the repair was going to be more than just a quick spoke replacement. So after our caffeine fix, we made our way over China Graveyard back to SC to drop Jill off. The three of us rode tempo over S-I Rd. and made the turn for WC and IH. A stiff headwind came up by the time we got to the highway and Ed was "brokering a deal" to pull us across IH as long as we stayed behind him. We cruised back at a good tempo, and got a small tailwind as we got to the highway.

It was a beautiful day to be out on a bike, almost spring-like. Thanks for the ride. Finally, after weeks of rain and fog, a ride in the sun was exactly what we needed. As Ed gets this posted, the Saturday Erma ride is back in business, we open at 9:00. See you soon! (RC)
1/29/2005 +26,72,60.40 Mt Aukum steve h.+,paul m.karen r,steve+++ and carol,Mike++
The ride started at 8 a.m. for those who liked cold. For peopel such as myself a nice easy ride from Plymouth would do nicely. The Gonzo Twins are right on schedule for their double century-that is Karen and Carol for those in the know. Steve had to head back as his shifter on the old bike went south- he even had a femaile rider ask if he needed help-the indignity of it all. Tomorrow another epic ride planned. SWH
1/23/2005 37 ,48Larry and Jim Wilderness Steve H,.Steve M.,Carol. Karen, Jim G.* Larry*,Dave N. Anita and Andy,and th whole Stockton Crewe
Karen and Carol had to ride this ride after having only 72 miles from yesterday-thats what happens when you are traing for a double. The entire Stockton crew was there which made this a special occasion. Karen had a bee under her bonnet and was kicking everybodys a-- . Going down Tabeau was especially fun with Dave and Steve going deep in the corners-maybe too deep but no accidents. We split at Cocos curve and then met up again at the intersection to go on into Jackson. A god ride and then time for coffee. But where are all the goodies Anita? SWH
1/23/2005 35 The Wilderness Route Steve H., Jimmy, Dave Neff, Larry Hayes, Carolle & Steve, Karen R.
Everyone finally got smart and left the fog of Ione behind as we met up with many of Anita's gang in the Sutter Creek bathroom parking lot for our 9 a.m. start. When we all discovered we were planning the same route, we stayed together for the quick Wilderness ride and thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine the entire time. Another great ride in the beautiful Mother Lode!
1/18/2005 36,*25 Wild Flower Steve h.,Paul m., Steve M,Dave Rodgers,Jim,Lary and Gail*(not Larrys Gail)
Time to get the bike out and cut out all this stuff going to Argentina, Chile,Egypt, Jordan and all that stuff. It is good to be back. Gail showed up in the parking lot and kept us company to Volcano and promises to keep us company throughout the year. We had our usual ride up tho' Dave had too show Mike and Larry how to do it going up Volcano -Sutter Creek. Repairs took awhile so we all went back to Bills and back to S.C. Wait till nexct week. SWH
1/16/2005 61, 43, 38 Hogan Reservoir Loop Paul; Mike and Charity; Steve H; John R; Karen (61); Jim and Penny (43); Carolle ; Steve M. (38)
First Erma Sunday ride for 2005. Even though the sun was shining brighly in Sutter Creek we stayed "low"and headed for Hogan Reservoir. J & P headed back shortly after Camanche Blues but still managed to get in good number of miles. Carolle still had the "bug" so she and Steve turned back at Burson . Never saw the sun all day but despite the lack of sunshine the folks around the Hogan area were in find mood. Steve H had a bit of cleat problem that needed roadside attention and one nice lady, thinking we were in a "bit of bother" ,asked if we needed assistance. Fortunately we didn't but it sure was nice of her to ask. Good ride and good start for 2005. (JR)
12/27/2004 52 Camanche; Pardee; Valley Springs Charity; Mike E; Karen; John R.
After checking in early with Channel 3 Weather it was a "go" for a ride. Yahoooooo !!!! Lucky us since today, Monday, it is quite wet and windy ! We had great weather for December and it's too bad only 4 riders were lucky enough to enjoy it. Except for Marlette Rd., the temperature for todays' route was pleasant indeed. Mike and Charity were on "singles" today thanks to a bit of a mechanical problem with a brake on the tandem. Charity had a great time on the single and was in fine form . She was out in front so much that we thought Mike must have said , or did, something to tick her off. Not the case though ,she just was having a great time giving it a good go and riding hard. JR had a lot of fun with her pace . Very little headwind and a great tailwind on the way back from Valley Springs made for a great ride .....possibly the last ride in 2004. Thanks to all for making riding in 2004 so much fun .... see you all next year ! (JR)