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Party Pardee 2000

Erma Defends Her Turf, April 8, 2000

This group photo was done impromtu when we were standing around waiting to start. Several took shots here, so maybe others will turn up too. This one is taken from the Bike Hikers photo spread. For other photos, see the Bike Hiker web site.

At the start in Howard Park ...

Erma at Pardee 2000 start

Among the many many Erma's riders and associates who rode or otherwise participated at Party Pardee (see the report on the Reports Page) were these riders, who were together at the photo area, including: Ray, Jose, John R, Dave B, Larry H, Chuck Gray, Ed, John H, Steve, Karen, Gene, John A. Many of this group went on to ride an additional 40 miles after finishing the metric century.

On Old Stockton Road ...

Erma at Pardee 2000 #1

Erma at Pardee 2000 #2

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