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Ione Homecoming Parade

May 7, 2000

Gail Bullen organized the group this year to participate in Ione's own homespun parade. There were Erma herself with husband Russ in the BMW convertible supplied by Joyce's neighbor Diane. A good number of riders showed up despite the threatening weather. The rain held off until just after the parade ended. Perfect timing. Everyone enjoyed riding around for fun--and slowly. We got to show off the Erma's gear to the town and get some local recognition for our group on the roads as well as put that big smile on Erma's face, who clearly enjoyed parading her big "family" through town. Here are some photos and captions from Gail.

A dozen of the brave from the Erma's Diner Bicycling "Club" scorn the rain on Sunday, May 7, to ride in the annual Ione Homecoming parade with the owners of the drive-in. Talking to Erma and Russell Bohl, before the parade are Karen Belvoir and Ed Hensley. Riding shotgun in the convertible are the couple's granddaughter Amanda Bohl. The chauffeur, invisible in this photo, was Penny Gray.

staging for parade

Main Street was packed with spectators as the Erma's Diner parade entry showed off to the community with a sign that read: Erma's Diner -- Drive-In, Bike Club, Web Page at the annual Ione Homecoming celebration on Sunday, May 7. Riding in the back of the convertible are Erma and Russell Bohl, the owners of the drive-in. The pedaling cyclists, the two convertible-riding cyclists and the photographer cyclist are dressed up in their Erma jerseys and jackets for the event.

Erma's float on Main Street