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Email List

Using the Erma's Diner Mailing List

Erma's Diner has a mailing list for distributing announcements and for discussing topics via email. Through a mailing list, any member can send an announcement or raise a topic for discussion. Here's how:

  1. Join You have to be a member of the list to send and receive. Go to and subscribe to "ermasdiner."

  2. Once you are signed up, you'll receive all messages that are generated by the group. To send a message, send a standard email to ""; it will go to all members of the mailing list.

  3. IMPORTANT NOTE: mailing list courtesies:
    • Do not send attachments (ask for private correspondence for such exchanges).
    • Always sign your email (not all mail software shows your return address).
    • Stick to bicycling.